Monday, 28 November 2011


For now,I really dunno what to do.
U said sorry to me,uncountable sorry that u said to me , but y I dun feel anything? Is it my heart really broken to very small pieces until I dun hav any feeling ald?
I accept ur sorry and I forgive what u did,I did,but I dun have to effort to keep in touch with u ald I just dunno y!
U said u judge wrongly and u misunderstand me only u wil said this kind of things,I seriously forgive u,but y I stil dun feel like we are totally back to normal?
Mayb that's really true,cracks be forever be there,however I will try to overcome it,hope u do so?
I can forget and forgive what u did to me,but pls bring me back to the old life that we usually have,I feel so confused and dunno what to do :(

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