Monday, 28 November 2011


For now,I really dunno what to do.
U said sorry to me,uncountable sorry that u said to me , but y I dun feel anything? Is it my heart really broken to very small pieces until I dun hav any feeling ald?
I accept ur sorry and I forgive what u did,I did,but I dun have to effort to keep in touch with u ald I just dunno y!
U said u judge wrongly and u misunderstand me only u wil said this kind of things,I seriously forgive u,but y I stil dun feel like we are totally back to normal?
Mayb that's really true,cracks be forever be there,however I will try to overcome it,hope u do so?
I can forget and forgive what u did to me,but pls bring me back to the old life that we usually have,I feel so confused and dunno what to do :(

Sunday, 30 October 2011


At the night time I met up with Karyan Kelvin sxiang and Hanyang. We went to wondermilk that in me and Karyan wishlist :) it's left few cupcake there,sad! Not so nice as well ><
After tat we really dunno where to go but all of us feel like going to second round! We have a very lame suggestion that go to taylors university for supper,lol!
I bring them walk around there and show them the places that I usually go :) is so fun,I found that I'm so happy stay in campus tat time,dunno y,mayb is with them,haih I really hope we all study together then can stick together always :) I believe on Monday when I pass by the places tat I walked with them tonight,I will definitely think of them <3 :'( so sad! Haih >< I love them so much! Before we left,we went to the mamak have our supper,teh o ais limao! Hehe! We have a good time chit chat at there! I hope everytime break time like this! Haha! Lots of love to them ;) this is the different I found,my smile is so easy to get when with them :)

And yea,me Pyan and zxin have a celebration for xyan :) happy birthday again babe! Hope u enjoy today ya! Love u <3 :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hii :) now whenever I feel like wanna talk to someone,I will write it here instead of telling,here is like half public half private,so I think is the best place I tel out my feeling ;) this few days I can't really have a good sleep,my tears drop ytd night,suddenly I felt very lonely and felt that I just can talk to the wall,looking back my previous pic or whatever,I'm so happy and like definitely enjoy it so much in every moment,so now where is my smile gone? I really dunno >< i cry because I care,I felt sad because it really touch my heart!

Btw,I felt released a lot after talk to my best friend Woon Ching,she said tat this few weeks me and her was like stranger in campus,I really did feel tat too,this is also one of the reason y my tears drop,I felt like I'm losing a closest friend in campus,that's feeling is so hurt,I dunno what the reason we became like tat. But after talk with her just now,I feel so good,and we promise each other won't like tat again :) love her! Mwuah <3

Everyday I'm searching for u,wanna talk to u,but I scare to getting hurt again,I really have alot things share with u.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Long time no blogging :)

Hello my dear,since two months I didn't update my blog,view back those older post,I felt so weird,because something that are so good last time had become worst now,everyone said is past so just let it go,but how if I can't let it go?

I finally found "blogger" in iPhone app! That's so good,Caz I can update anytime and anywhere I wan to,one of the reason y my blog so dead is because I lazy on my computer :p keke!

My life seems growing well now although have some problem Stil going on,but problem isn't a bad thing thou,it's really make me grow stronger and understand more things :) thanks :)

Sometimes I may quiet sometimes I may just give a smile when whole gang are chit chatting,I'm not weird,sometimes I just keep my words in my mind,lesser words lesser trouble,some ppl just like to pick my words to make some prob -.- rumors will started just like that! I get bored of this,if u seriously told that u can't trust one of ur friend,then just get off their life,otherwise u are the most fake person,make ur life comfortable Kay?

Two more weeks to go then is my term break! I can't wait ;)) enjoy ur days everyone! Smile everyday! Everyone deserve to have a good life,so learn to appreciate everything <3 love! :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

25&26th june

Heyyyy =) i gonna post about my weekend 25&26th june. lets talk about sunday 1st,i went the curve with xinyan,she wanna find a purse. but couldnt get at last,caz didnt saw any shop that hav nice one. pyan didnt join us this time,too bad,so karaoke session juz left me and xin yan. lol 

after done prepare =)

Karaoke =) altot juz two person but is fun too LOL

hooinee&xinyan =) i love this few pictures alot,the colour so nice rtye~ =p

 chilling at starbucks <3

on the way back!

we love this pic so much <3
ACTIONCAM! weeee =)

SATURDAY! me and jing yi went to tuition centre fetch yee chern. after that we went to original kayu for our brunch then wait for snowflake open. we chit chat inside the car about half an hour. haha long time never been together ad =) went to the curve with hanyang and sxiang at the night time. and thats my saturday =)

 yee chern <3
 we 3 <3
my lovely ychern & jing yi <3

Monday, 27 June 2011

爱很简单 cover

hello my frens =) i have recorded a song recently in live. 爱很简单 by david =) is everyone's love song.
hope u all like it. forgive my mistakes in this song =))) <3

Thursday, 23 June 2011


hello =) its time to update my blog. i seriously dunno what to put as tittle! i juz wrote "yeahhh". hahhahaha lame =.= I.AM.SO.HAPPY. u know what? hmmmmmmm. becaz is HOLIDAY nawwww =)))) awwwwww i wait for so long time alreadyyyyy. and its finally,i done my exam all and now its term break! yuhoooo! =DDD 12 days only but i wil use it wisely. kekez! i have some outing plans in my list,i hope it really make it. my last day b4 term break was my role play,the role play separate to two days,so i juz met woon ching that day =) 

 mwuahhhh <3
we are practicing role play for whole morning <3

and oh ya,i have ald met Boon yee =) its been 4 months we didnt see each other,haha. miss her so muchhhhh. tat day me,boonyee,hanyang and kangwei went to mcd,and i got a surprise at there =.= kelvin gave me alot reasons that he couldnt join us that night,and yea we did spent about half an hour in phone kept asking him to come,guess what,he is on the wayyyyyy when talking thru phone with me,i saw him walking towards mcd in sudden. liar!  GAHHHH! good actor! hahaha! 

boon yee <3
cute cute LOL
 so sweet! hahahhahahhaha
kelv pose so cool! lol


happy birthday to u happy birthday to u happy birthday to eeuuuuuu happy birthday to u *claps hahaha! 
i-wish-you-happy-always! be-positive-whenever-facing-problems! =) 
happy or not i fetch u go dinner leaaa, hahaha! u always say i didnt fetch u,now i did =p its ur birthday ma,no choice kekez! we having fun talkbox with yuri fukuzato when on the way to dinner. LOL. after 1 hour like that kenji only come to join us,have lots nice chat there,haha. altot is not what-so-special dinner,but at least u r not alone on ur birthday =))) 

heyyy we so gonna celebrate ur bday together when kelvin free,movie and makan makan =p so sorry that have to postponed ahhh,the kelv so busyyyyy =.= grrrrrrr! i wil make it as soon as possible! SO SORYY HAN-YANG!!!! :'( :'( :'( dunnnnn angryyyyyy D: hahaha! sheng ri kuai le! <3<3<3 

happy birthday <3
nice pic! lol
haha! this is funny =)

btw,hope u have an enjoyable dinner that day. and my singing to u! ( i not just only sing lazy song to u,i did sing bday song also,but u forget, D: ) LOLL and help ur iphone wear clothes =p

22th june <3
lunch with xinyan and phikyan <3<3<3 ah yan go dating with julian after lunch! aiyoooo

ajisen ramen <3

 sesame sensation buy one free one today only at kota damansara outlet =))) the right handside is the sesame sensation,taste not bad also! love it! <3<3<3 go try when free =))) 

 in car,xyan waiting her tuition start =p
we force out our smile in a tired day. lol

erm,until now im stil satisfied with my holiday,i did lot things and meet lots frens in this few days, haha! hope the following days wil be great as well <3<3<3 okay im gonna end my post here =) tata <3 have a nice day everyone! love.